If your plan applies, FamilyTalk may require a service obligation of up to two years for each line. FamilyTalk plans contain only package minutes included in the main number and minutes are shared by the additional lines. The posted speed for extra minutes applies to all minutes that exceed Anytime minutes. FamilyTalk requires two lines. If the tariff nomenclature of the primary number is changed to an ineligible plan or if the main number is separated, one of the existing additional positions becomes the main number of the tariff nomenclature previously subscribed by the old primary number. If there is only one line left, it will be converted in the sentence to a next line. Your caller credentials (for example.B. Your name and phone number) can be displayed on the device or invoice of the person receiving your call; Technical restrictions may, in certain circumstances, prevent you from blocking the transmission of call credentials. Contact customer service for information on blocking your name and number. CallER BLOCKing is not available when using Data Services and your Wi-Fi number is transferred to websites you have visited. If so, your plan and device may be subject to a future call identification feature that prevents incoming calls and may apply generic names such as telemarketing, suspected spam and/or suspicion of fraud to some of these calls. Bill messages and inserts are another important way to share information with you.

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